A different-minded company
A company that leads the trend
It's [Aura]
Our Brands

To challenge new innovations
at the center of the world

Aura is challenging future-oriented innovation

To convey the highest value
with the passion of being the first

Aura is challenging future-oriented innovation

To make tomorrow
with new changes and innovations

Aura that's different from others

To be a leader in a healthy company
going with

It's Aura, a company that grows together, not alone

To realize continuous growth
and differentiated value

Constant steps for the world

Aura Business
35 Dalseo-daero 91-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Moda Knowledge Industry Center Operation 302 (Horim-dong)
Phone Number
Representative phone 053-716-1816
Subway About 1.2km from Exit 3 of Keimyung University Station on Subway Line 2

Bus express 5, Dalseo 3, Bible 1-1, 503, 518