a corporate history
-    Launched SKINDOT skin ampoule (stem cell)
-    CELLLDNA PREMIUM Cosmetics Launch.
-    Wrinkle Improvement Skindot Eye & Neck Cream Launched
-    Customized cosmetics SKINDOT has been launched.
-    Health food brand ㅅㅃㅈ launched.
-    selected as a promising small and medium-sized company in the export voucher.
-    selected as a company with excellent technical capabilities. (KED)
-    Main Biz Certified, Acquired ISO 22716.
-    Customized cosmetics CELLDNA is released.
-    Development of CELLDNA Skin Diagnostic System
-    An affiliated research institute was established.
-    JUNEX2 Functional Cosmetics Development and Launch
-    Development and launch of BIH90 scalp hair loss products
-    Korean educational institution that has officially formed a partnership with the NPO Personal Color Association in Japan.
-    participated in the World Art Fair in Shanghai, China. (Cosmetics & Academy category)
-    to win Best Franchise by Hankook Ilbo
-    Establishment of Aura Beauty College(Daegu, Ulsan, Pohang, Daejeon Branch)